If you are a sea loving or history loving traveller, Greece has so many destinations to chose from both on the mainland and in the numerous islands you just cannot go wrong. We have selected private properties on some of our favorite islands for your next trip to Greece. From luxury villas with sweeping sea views to pretty country houses or apartments we have much for you to choose from. This is a country of great regional and architectural diversity from the greener slopes in the Halikidiki countryside near Mount Athos to the white sand beaches of the Cyclades providing many diverse places to visit.

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Pistache Island

Evia, Greece

Kefalatika Cottage

Paxos Greece

Villa Rocco Paxos

Paxos Greece

Paxos Kipiadi Style

Kipiadi, Paxos

Paxos Sea House

Paxos, Greece

The Cliff View House

Paxos, Greece

Island View House

Paros, Greece

Houlakia Villa

Mykonos. Greece

Lia Beach House

Elia Mykonos

Mykonos Sea Estate

Near Elia, Mykonos

Lia Sea House

Lia, Mykonos

Paros Infinity House

Paros Greece

Paros Seaside House

Alykia Paros, Greece

New Golden Beach

Paros Greece

Almyra House

Antiparos Greece

La Boheme

Antiparos Greece

Villa Efinity

Paros Greece

Delos View House

Mykonos Greece

Paros Farmhouse

Nausea Paros

Antiparos White

Soros Beach Antiparos

Syros Chrystal

Abela Syros

Island Modern Greece

Diaporos Greece

Villa La Classica

Parikia Paros

White Villa Greece

Diaporos Greece

Villa Pogonia

Paleros Greece

Villa Ambracia

Amfilocia Greece

Syros Seafront

Kini, Syros, The Cyclades, Greece

Syros Infinity House

Syros Greece

Syros Sea View

Syros Greece