Barbados is a large coral island situated to the east of the Windward Islands. Having belonged to the British Empire the island has a number of english undertones and is certainly and popular destination with travelers from the British Isles. The national sport is cricket and its fun to take in a match or two while visiting.  Since the 1960’s when air travel became more widely accessible many beautiful homes have been built on this island. Oliver Messel who designed houses here between the 1960’s and 1978 is responsible for some of the island’s most stylish properties. Many of our private homes available to rent are situated on the islands west coast, however if you venture east there are dramatic waves and a slightly younger vibe. This is a very charming and civilized destination where the traveller can relax and enjoy the weather and beautiful beaches . Barbados has an important musical heritage and is a great destination should you enjoy calypso or soca. The Crop Over ( the end of the harvest ) festival is an important cultural event where local musicians can compete and travelers to the island can experience a carnival like atmosphere.

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Messel Plantation

St. Lucy, Barbados

Westmoreland House

St. James, Barbados, The Carribbean

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West Coast, Barbados

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St Peter, Barbados

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St. James, Barbados, The Carribbean