Biarritz is a stylish and vibrant destination. Two very different cultures exist here side by side making this seaside town a brilliant destination for young and old alike.The destination of choice for many elegant early twentieth century travelers, Biarritz consists of one of the finest art deco sea fronts in Europe. The renowned Palais Hotel was built for the Empress Eugenie in the late 1800’s and the rest of society descended on the area shortly thereafter. French and Spanish families have been returning here year after year  giving the area a family atmosphere. The stunning Atlantic beaches provide the backdrop for some of Europe’s best surfing and surf shops and bars mingle between smart cafes and the sea front casino. The food in Aquitaine has to be some of the best in the world, Biarritz and the neighboring towns offer a fantastic choice of restaurants and food markets and the surrounding lands produce some interesting and notable wines. Day trips to San Sebastian and the north coast of Spain add to the diversity of a stay here.

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