French Antilles

French Antilles

The French Antilles consist of a number of islands in the Caribbean, these islands form an integral part of France and the euro is the local currency. Martinique and Guadeloupe are the largest of the islands in this group. While Martinique offers more mainstream tourism, Guadeloupe with it’s beautiful beaches, is very tropical and has an interesting history. The islands near Guadeloupe of Les Isles Saintes and Marie Galante remain known mostly by the french and are well worth a visit. Les Saintes is a perfect place for sailing and a beach holiday, Marie Galante better known for its sugar cane, rum distilleries and its windmills does not have great beaches it is a ‘real island” less geared for tourism and an interesting place to spend a few days. Further north you find St Martin ( the french side ) and St Barthelemy, the jewel in the crown, with spectacular beaches and a slow pace of life St Barths has just enough “going on ” to be fun yet remains a great place to relax in french style.

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